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Juridictions : Here are a few jurisdictions (countries issuing the license online casino) casino on our WEBsite.

Online Casino - gambling Jurisdictions

With the increase in demand of online casinos [] also needs a body to control and keep a watch on fair dealings. In online gambling, jurisdiction is an important factor in determining how reputation of online casino operator is, transparency in dealings and measures and options available in case if there is a dispute that cannot be settled within the casino.
Meaning of Jurisdiction
In simple words it means the country from where the casino legally operates from. This does not necessarily mean the casino is actually located there.
Why Jurisdiction

- to see is gambling is conducted in a fair way
- to ensure gambling is not a source of any illegal activity or crime
- to see gambling is not used to support crime
- to ensure gambling is not effecting children
- to ensure gambling operators are not flouting rules and involved in any money laundering
- Players have access to game rules
- Players can claim their winnings within a long period of time
- Players can easily contact authorities to resolve any disputes.

Importance and Ranking of Jurisdictions

Not all the jurisdictions are equal. There are first class organisations that enforce strict controls and measure to ensure player safety and integrity of the online casinos. Then there are formality organisations which are mere "rubber-stamp" which offer licences to run any kind of a business.
As per the control and quality of exercising rights we separate the jurisdictions into the below listing.

Top tier gambling jurisdictions

These are the jurisdictions which have demonstrated the high standards of regulation and player protection. They do timely license auditing and players may play at casinos operating in these jurisdictions safely and with a peace of mind as they will be guaranteed fair game and practices. In case of any dispute the player would be allowed to put across his point in a fair manner and it would be settled in the best of interests.
- Alderney
- Gibraltar
- Isle of Man
- United Kingdom

Second tier gambling jurisdictions

These jurisdictions generally claim and practice high standards of operations and control. They also do regular checks and exercise controls on casinos. Beyond all this they still fall short of few standards which are practiced and set by the top tier jurisdictions. Majorly casinos operations within these jurisdictions are honest and fair however we still recommend players to read the casino reviews carefully for a first hand information. There are always exceptions so one should take a right judgement call prior to investing your money.
- Antigua
- Curacao
- Kahnawake
- Malta

"Rubber stamp" gambling jurisdictions

These jurisdictions offer no protection to players come what may in case there is any dispute with the casino. They have no control over their licensees as they are no checks into the history of casino owners. There are a good number of casinos falling into these jurisdictions and there are many good casinos as well. However we recommend players to read reviews and be cautious prior to investing their money in these online casinos.
- Anjoun
- Belize
- Costa Rica
- Panama