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Online Casinos Tournaments : Blackjack


There are several different formats used in tournaments, and they include the following:


This is probably the most popular format. In these tournaments, you are playing only against the players on your table, with the table winners advancing and the others eliminated (although in most elimination tournaments, you can pay a re-buy fee and play again).


Here you compete against all the other players in the tournament with the goal of trying to win the most chips after several rounds. The tournament leaders are often posted on a leader board so all players have an idea of how much they need to win to overtake the leaders.


This format was made popular several years ago by the televised Ultimate Blackjack Tournaments to make blackjack tournaments more exciting for players and also television viewers. In the UBT format, the player with the lowest chip count after hands 8, 16, 25, and 30 were completed was eliminated from play.

live-money tournaments

In most tournaments, the playing chips used have no value. But in live-money tournaments, players must purchase the chips and they can be exchanged for cash at the end of the tournament. So in live-money tournaments, if you decide to go all-in and wager the maximum bet, that’s your own money (not funny money) that you are putting at risk.


These tournaments are usually held on a weekly basis in land-based casinos (and often daily in internet casinos). They have a relatively low entry fee (usually $25 or less), and take less than a day to complete. The prize pool is usually $2,000 or less.


These tournaments have higher entry fees, generally take more than one day to complete, and have a sizable prize pool (often six figures). Casinos that offer major tournaments usually hold them over a weekend, offer the contestants free or discounted rooms, and usually include a banquet and free gift.


These are continuously running tournaments that begin once six players have been assembled. Sit ’n’ Go tournaments have been popular on Internet sites that offer blackjack tournaments.

If you’re a tournament beginner, I wouldn’t recommend the Live-Money tournaments, or the non-elimination tournaments. You should instead consider the traditional elimination tournaments for small stakes (mini-tournaments) that are held in many casinos throughout the country. Anyone can get lucky and win a tournament; however, to improve your chances of winning, you need to develop specific tournament skills.

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