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Lottery Games : Lottery Games

  • New Year Giveaway!Lottery / Lottery Games10000 $/€Bingo Canada

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    Keep the New Year party going and win incredible prizes throughout January in the 10,000 New Year Giveaway!

    Beginning : 2019-01-01 / 00:00:00
    End : 2019-01-31 / 23:59:00

    Remaining before the end of the promotion time :
    14 d, 21 h, 24 m, 7 s

  • GildopolyLottery / Lottery Games200 $/€Instant Bingo

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    Come down and join us for an online bingo take on a game of monopoly! You can play every day in the Supernova Room from 6PM to 9PM EST! Don’t be late – the prizes are great!

    Permanent Promotion


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