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French Roulette Gold

This stylish and sophisticated roulette is added to the Gold Series, the high end among the table games, and brings a new dimension to the traditional game of online Roulette, French Roulette, with a new token hopping, graphics and advanced to chic colors and pure digital audio that transmits the murmurs of the crowd, the spin of the wheel and that distinctive metallic tinkle little when the ball stops.

This is the French roulette as it is played across Europe. This soft and smooth wheel has 36 numbers and one zero and the designers of the game have been faithful with European standards by making the gaming table. The distribution of chips is modeled as close to the European game as possible. This is a great opportunity to play a thoroughly modern version of a casino classic, while being set up at home.

This casino game is available on Microgaming online casinos